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052.0278 - KONTROL PRO

Palm: 4 mm Duo Mega 2.0 latex + 1 mm inner latex. This palm provides a perfect gripping surface for the hand, even in extremely wet conditions. Ball feel and shock absorption are also considerably enhanced.
Cut (Seams): Negative Expanded Cut offers a highly ergonomic palm construction. The palm is also extended over the front of the wrist to extend grip, and the thumb is wrapped for added comfort and protection.
Coating: One-piece neoprene, soft, lightweight and comfortable.
Back/body/closure Wrist: The fist area is reinforced with Soft 3.0 silicone elements that integrate perfectly with the glove's design and ergonomics to optimize lightness, contact and power when clearing. This model features a long cuff that's tight enough on the wrist to play without a strap. However, a removable elastic velcro strap is also provided to adjust your degree of support.

052.0278 - KONTROL PRO

€110.00 Regular Price
€77.00Sale Price
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